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A young woman with chronic illness takes matters into her own hands in this debut novel… the story does an excellent job of portraying the relentless difficulties of suffering from hard-to-treat, chronic illnesses… a sometimes-exhausting but realistic portrait of life under physical duress.” – Kirkus Reviews

While writing in her journal, Adrea “Drea” Ragnason visualizes a creative way to deal with the increasing complications in her life even though it won’t provide immediate results. In the meantime, she lives her life as simply as possible. Drea enjoys spending time with her aunt and young niece, but doesn’t enjoy the time spent at doctors’ offices; yet she does it so she will no longer be asked the question, “you’re still sick?”

With her aunt’s help, Drea finds an apartment that includes an empathetic landlord. The new space gives her much needed peace and quiet, plus the freedom to easily monitor her hopeful plan of making her doctors walk a mile in her shoes.

Helene Gundersen is a psychologist with a new practice. The daughter of a doctor, she is not surprised that many of her clients are doctors, yet is surprised they share similar symptoms. Her comments and suggestions nudge them toward research. Meanwhile, she attempts to remain detached as she helps a chronically ill client; however, Helene is hopeful when learning about POTS, a condition caused by a malfunctioning autonomic nervous system, and one of several conditions listed under the broad term of dysautonomia.





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