Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women

“Women’s health became synonymous with reproduction: breasts, ovaries, uterus, pregnancy. It’s this term we now refer to as “bikini medicine.” And this stayed this way until about the 1980s, when this concept was challenged by the medical community and by the public health policymakers when they realized that by excluding women from all medical research studies we actually did them a disservice, in that apart from reproductive issues, virtually nothing was known about the unique needs of the female patient.”

You know, we have this saying in medicine: children are not just little adults. And we say that to remind ourselves that children actually have a different physiology than normal adults. And it’s because of this that the medical specialty of pediatrics came to light. And we now conduct research on children in order to improve their lives. And I know the same thing can be said about women. Women are not just men with boobs and tubes. But they have their own anatomy and physiology that deserves to be studied with the same intensity.

And the first step towards change is awareness. This is not just about improving medical care for women. This is about personalized, individualized health care for everyone. This awareness has the power to transform medical care for men and women. And from now on, I want you to ask your doctors whether the treatments you are receiving are specific to your sex and gender. They may not know the answer — yet. But the conversation has begun, and together we can all learn.

More about Women’s Medical Treatment in the U.S.: https://juliejacobsendeck.com/2016/08/20/thoughts-about-womens-medical-treatment-in-the-united-states/



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