About Julie

Julie Jacobsen Deck, a reading teacher and mother of two, has been taking her chronically ill daughter to doctors for fourteen years now. She wrote “You’re Still Sick?” to vent her frustrations and hopes the fictional book will provide comfort in a relatable character and perhaps possibilities of research for other chronically ill young women.


 “I am an elementary school reading teacher who is the sole caregiver for my chronically ill daughter. Over fourteen years of frustration with doctors’ misdiagnoses, lack of knowledge, and lack of empathy led to my writing a fiction book with a chronically ill main character. This is not a self-help book, but it is a book that chronically ill women could relate to and learn from. The book portrays the character’s long journey for help as she deals with doctor’s misconceptions and misdiagnoses. It is a chronically ill book, so there isn’t a perfect ending in which all the loose ends are neatly tied up for the main character; however, another ill character in the book does get much needed answers.” -Julie Jacobsen Deck


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