‘You’re Still Sick?’ triumphs on many remarkable levels. It should be required reading in medical school and for friends and family members of those who face chronic ailments. It’s also a sweet tale of compassion and small-town life, a parable of empathy. Get your copy … share it with a friend, and visit to get a nonfiction look at the realities faced by the Dreas of this world.”

— BlueStone Press


“The story does an excellent job of portraying the relentless difficulties of suffering from hard-to-treat, chronic illnesses…its message of self-advocacy and love is palpable.”

“A sometimes-exhausting but realistic portrait of life under physical duress.”

— Kirkus Reviews

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One thought on “Praise

  1. If you know someone or are chronically ill or in the medical field this book is for you. I so enjoyed reading this book, awaiting a sequel to see how things turn out for all. I liked how she not only gave you the perspective of the one who is chronically ill and the frustrations of trying to get help and answers but also a glimpse into how others think, dealing with a chronically ill friend or family member. I believe everyone in the medical field should read this, sometimes they forget that the ones suffering are human and they need compassion and understanding.
    Bonnie Hornbeck


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